Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle
Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle
Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle
Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle
Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle
Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle

Self Love and Unconditional Love Bundle

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Our Self Love and Unconditional Love bundle is a power-packed love bomb.

Not only have we created a fantastic Sacral Charka and Heart Chakra Spray there is the bonus of The Codes Of Light Sprays as well.

When used together, they bring your physical and spiritual aspects of self together as one.

They open the gateways up to forgiveness of self and others as the first step to self-love, and unconditional love is forgiveness.

When we can not forgive, it keeps us shackled to the past like a ball and chain around our ankle.

Self-love is about saying yes to self and No to others about doing what is right for you. Unblocking and releasing all that negative programing you hold around not being good enough not being lovable not being sexy all of this is stopping your divine creativity from flowing it is causing sickness to manifest within your physical body.

It is stopping you from truly opening your heart up to the greatest love of all, which is you.  

Each of the images has codewords for Self-love and Unconditional Love along with a written meditation which can be used.   

The codewords hold the vibration of the written light language on each image.

Take yourself on a journey of Self-love and Unconditional love after all if you do not, then who will.

 Egyptian Essences used as well as purified water very small amounts hae been used as less is more all our work is based on homeopathic principles with little to NO smell so you can add your favourite Pure essential oil.  

Agarwood /OUD from trees which are 400 years old  The entire nervous system calms down, gifting you a new sense of rejuvenation, it helps in calming you.

 The calming properties of agarwood essential oil help in soothing the nervous system; it is also an excellent relaxant boosts your mental health In Tibetan medicine Agarwood is used to treat emotional, nervous and psychological issues.

 Papyrus Essence helps to balance the mind and bring mental clarity and stillness to any situation used in Ancient Egyptian times as the divine father vibration or masculine vibration.

 Egyptian Goldenwater is a member of the mint family. Reduces feelings of nervous tension, soothes feelings of irritability, boosts energy, enhance mental focus.

 It is was in Ancient Egypt as the essence of oneness when used in conjunction with Blue Lotus and Papyrus.

 Red Musk Oil   SACRAL CHAKRA Lowers Stress & Anxiety has a calming effect on the body that encourages harmony and balance and helps to calm the mind.  Clears out blockages and helps with creativity. 

Rose Attar HEART CHAKRA All types of Rose oil is associated with love going back thousands of years.  When used Rose oil connects your physical heart to your spiritual heart as well as you divine feminine wraps you up in her beautiful scent and warm loving petals.

 Clove Oil is a natural preservative instead of alcohol as well as the added benefit of reducing stress and emotional and mental upsets.

Codes of Light Spray 

Have been infused with not only the Light Codes from the image also the Keeper of the Codes diamond light codes for each spray.   

These sprays are totally vibrational with no smell waiting for you to add your favourite scent which reminds you of love.

Each of the images has the Codes of Light needed to help you become that be can of love for self and others.


This truly is a very special package which we are so humbled to bring to you