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Codes of Light Facing Your Fear
Facing your Fear

Facing Your Fear

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"To become the butterfly metamorphosis is necessary if the caterpillar never went through change it would never achieve its greatest destiny and become its glorious self. We can reach our greatest destinies  by changing what needs to be changed "

In order to this, the caterpillar must show no FEAR.

There really is only FEAR or LOVE it is as simple as that. We as a race have been controlled by fear for lifetimes.  It is now time for all of us to step into the vibration of love. The vibration of our soul.

Facing our fear is the foundational key to Unlocking Your PowerFULL Self. 

F.E.A.R.  False evidence appearing real meaning FEAR is an illusion.

You have two choices right now
‘Forget Everything And Run’
‘Face Everything And Rise.’
The choice is yours.
Which do you choose?

You are not alone.

Over 90% of the world's population allow fear to control their life.

As you journey through these exercises and let go of the FEAR that is holding you back, you will become part of the 10% of the population living a life of FREEDOM and LOVE.

On the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM and LOVE.

All you need to do is gently step into it and see how your life changes.

Do you have FEAR of the following there are many more that you may have 

  • Failure
  • Success
  • Rejection
  • Love
  • Abandonment

Do you struggle with Anxiety and Fear which is making feel scattered and stuck like you are frozen in time?

Lost your passion and desire for life?

Do you jsut want to be happy and feel whole again.

Tried counselling where all you do is talk and you may have even tried the spiritual path both of these have worked to a certain degree however you still find your self going down the same old path.

Looking for something which will give you the understanding of why and the opportunity to clear it only if you wish to.

You will have a small workbook which you will download and answer and only you know what you have placed in there.

This module is completed over two consecutive Monday nights or Tuesday morning. Depending on which time you have booked.

What is included 

Facing your Fears Downloadable workbook NOTE there is no hard copy of this workbook sent out.

Facing Your Fears A5 image and spray which will be posted out to you 

A brief description of what we will be covering.

Part 1 

Live Zoom Call with Sandra 

  • Physical fear.
  • False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Three types of fear
  • Loss fear, Process fear and Outcome fear.
  • The six different vibrations you hold FEAR in
  • Is your Fear actually yours or have you taken in on from others eg your mother and father?
  • What Fear is stopping you from living a life of freedom?
  • What Your Fear is costing you
  • Who else is impacted by your Fear
  • Who do you need to be to let go off it?  

Part 2

40 minute live healing mediation with Sandra as well as how to use the Facing Your Fear Codes of light image and spray.