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Codes of Light
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Codes of Light Yoga/Meditation  Mat

Codes of Light Yoga/Meditation Mat

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Yoga/Meditation is such a personal experience where you can connect deeply with yourself on all levels. 

When you step onto your yoga mat, it is the moment you know everything comes together as one mind, body and spirit you and your mat.

You move into a place of full flow and deep breathwork.

No matter what level you are at whether advance or a beginner, the Codes of Light Yoga/Meditation Mat is perfect for you.

Each image has been specifically designed to capture the colours — elements and symbols of the seven chakras.

When you look closely at the detail of each image, you will not only see you will feel the level of detail which has been captured by our design team.

Each image holds 3 Master Keys   A Feminine Master Code, A Masculine Master Code & a Code of Balance.  These Master Codes govern and represent the Mother, Father, Past, Present and Future.

We at the PowerFULL You are humbled and honoured to be the ones chosen to bring you the worlds first ever yoga/meditation mat with channelled light language on it and designed to bring your physical and spiritual self together as one. 

The Codes of Light are here to help all of humanity move out of the 3D vibration into the 5D and beyond.

Meaning of each image  

  1. Codes of Light 1 Facing your Fears this is the base of the mat. 
  2. Codes Of Light 2 Red Loving Your Connection To Physicality
  3. Codes of Light 3 Orange Loving Yourself First Then Others With Guilt
  4. Codes of Light 4 Yellow Power Up Your Power Centre
  5. Codes of Light 5 Blue Unlocking Your Voice
  6. Codes of Light 6 Indigo Removing Your Masks
  7. Codes of Light 7 Purple  Releasing Your Mind Blocks
  8. Codes of Light 8 Green Opening Your Heart To Unconditional Love.

The heart image has been placed last on our mat as when you move through the others, and you can step into a place of pure unconditional love.

You can use the centre line of symbols as a quick check to see if your feet are aligned.  Each symbol is two fists as well as great” dristis” gaze points.

Each code will come to life during your practice depending on which one you are gazing at.

When used in meditation, each of the symbols come to life through your body gently vibrating and flowing throughout you.  Work with just one or work with all of the codes while meditating.  You may even like to use the A4 or A5 images which have the Codewords and a short mediation written on the back of each of them.

 When we have finished using the mat, we like to stand or sit on the red code to anchor all that we have received back into our physical existence.

We have many natural therapists using the Codes of Light Mat in their practice under healing tables as a tool for their clients to sit or lay on before or after a session.

What is light language?

Light language is the language of the soul and the universe; it is vibrational and is either written or spoken.

Light language bypasses the linear brain and is felt in the heart.  

Spoken or written Light Language is felt in the heart and decoded throughout the physical body to help you release blockages.

Written light language is found in many of the ancient scripts around the planet.

Who did we channel it through?

Rahmon is an Ancient One, a High Priest of Atlantis and Wise One of Egypt.

Rahmon is also part of the Ancient Council of Nibiru who is wanting peace and harmony on planet Earth for the good of all not just Earthly beings.

The codes which have been channelled will help bring light and ancient wisdom to those who wish to use them and help with the transcendence of Mother Earth and her people.


Size of the mat 186 cm x 68 cm x 5mm

Eco-friendly biodegradable suede yoga mat.

Biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural rubber, water-based inks

Free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates, No PVC, No Chlorine.

No towel bunching or moving of the mat

Extra cushion, stability.

No more slipping when wet. The mat grips better the more you sweat

For added grip spray lightly with water prior to starting your exercise

It's perfect for all styles of yoga but comes alive in the hot yoga studio; the sweatier the practise, the greater the grip.  

Also great for Pilates, general exercise classes, or when you want to linger a little more in life's moments

Durable high tech heat sublimation printing used, make sure the design is durable on the fabric.


 We always have these in stock however  PLEASE ALLOW THREE TO FOUR  WEEKS DELIVERY.