Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images
Codes of Light Images

Codes of Light Images

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This set of 8 high-quality  Light Code templates filter through the spiritual and physical parts of self to create high-frequency healing and releasing on all levels.

Based on your seven chakras yet designed to have their most significant impact on your physical reality.

Each  Image comes with its own written meditation and Code Words to help you step through all that is stopping you from being all that you came here to be.

See image below


Light Language is found in many of the ancient scripts around the planet.

Spoken or written Light Language is felt in the heart and decoded throughout the physical body to help you release blockages.

Eight beautiful channelled Codes Of Light are printed on glossy A4 or A5 paper.

The Codes of light have been channelled through a beautiful being called Rahmon and birthed onto the planet by Rebecca and Sandra.

Rahmon is an Ancient One, a High Priest of Atlantis and Wise One of Egypt.

Rahmon is also part of the Ancient Council of Nibiru who is wanting peace and harmony on planet Earth for the good of all not just Earthly beings.

The Codes which have been channelled will help bring light and ancient wisdom to those who wish to use them and help with the transcendence of Mother Earth and her people

 Each  image holds three master keys which can be found on every image 

  1. Codes of Light 1 Facing your Fears
  2. Codes Of Light 2 Loving Your Connection To Physicality
  3. Codes of Light 3 Loving Yourself First Then Others With Guilt
  4. Codes of Light 4 Power Up Your Power Centre
  5. Codes of Light 5 Unlocking Your Voice
  6. Codes of Light 6 Removing Your Masks
  7. Codes of Light 7 Releasing Your Mind Blocks
  8. Codes of Light 8 Opening Your Heart To Unconditional Love.  

If you look closely at the images 2 to 8 you will find the symbol for each chakra as well as each of these images has been drawn to represent the each of the elements which related for each of the chakras by the artists own interpretation

How to use the images.

  • Hang on your walls
  • Place them under your bed 
  • Infuse your water with the energy by placing a glass onto of the image 
  • Lay with the image on your body
  • Great to use in healing centres schools childcare centres.

Those who work with clients these are perfect to be placed on your clients to give an extra dimension to your healing work or hung in your healing centre.