About us

Meet Sandra Meehan
Global Leader in Women’s Empowerment
Educator | Mentor | TV Host and Producer | Master Alchemist |
You are not what happen to you
You are who you choose to become.
Sandra lives by this motto in all aspects of her life.
Sandra has a corporate background in IT, Training and Occupational Health and Safety.
After being burnt out and going through a divorce Sandra decided she need a change of direction.
Her time, passion and energy is now spent helping and educating women to step into the truth of who the truly are.
Sandra has combined her cooperate background and spiritual mastery to bring spiritual and physicality together as one.
Sandra sick and tired of hearing that you cannot combine the cooperate spiritual world together.
Sandra’s wish is for all women to become their PowerFULL self. through their own power to live a life of passion, desire and purpose so they can craft the life they truly desire.