Sacral Chakra Spray (I FEEL)

Sacral Chakra Spray (I FEEL)

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Having a balanced Sacral Charka is the greatest gift of self Love one can give themselves.

The affirmation for the sacral chakra is I FEEL most of the population on the planet today have a blocked sacral chakra on different levels. Some of the negative emotions are.

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Regret
  • Worthlessness
  • Helplessness
  • Self-loathing
  • Apathy - numbness

The above emotions and suffering surrounding lack of self-love are often due to

  • Stagnation
  • Abandonment
  • Physical, emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse, rape
  • Self-harm and loathing, self-worth
  • Dysfunctional relationships;
  • -with parents, siblings and co-workers

all of the above plays a part in lack of self-love as we have placed our need our love and acceptance outside of ourselves.

All of this leads to a lack of creativity and the ability to see the wisdom and lessons in each action.

Our Sacral Chakra Spray starts the process of forgiveness of self and others. Having a 

When we can not forgive, it keeps us shackled to the past like a ball and chain around our ankle

Our Sacral region is not all about sex and reproduction.

It also helps you to open up your creative inner child to create with the pure pleasure of a child.

When used with our CODES OF LIGHT SPRAY, it unlocks one of the doors to take that step to become your true authentic self in physicality. 

Everything which is created on the Earth is created through the power of the sacral region.

It helps to clear the blocks one has around stepping out of the head and into the heart and allowing all to flow.

 It also helps to release the emotions around your worth as sexual being feel like you have nothing to bring into this world.

 Our Sacral region is where we birth everything onto the planet, the good the bad and the ugly.  

 Negative emotions block this channel which means we are too far in ego, then all creativity stops.

 It is also the place in our bodies we hold our lack of self-esteem; self- love those feelings of worthless most of which we have been hanging onto since childhood.

 When we have been hurt in our childhood, we often carry it into our motherhood and then grandmother vibration.  It affects all in our lives even if we do not know it.

Many confuse creativity with thinking it is just painting writing etc. It is so much more when you cook you are creative when you plan your garden you are creative when you come up with an idea it is an original thought even if you don’t physically create it.

 So why not use your sacral to create massive change in your life because you deserve it. Many healers use our Sacral Chakra Spray, and they love it.


There are many different Sacral Chakra Sprays on the market what makes ours different?

Sacral Chakra Spray has been activated under two full moons while sitting under two copper pyramids to bring in the energy of the divine feminine.

Has the vibration of 21 different Light Languages infused with different geometric codes and shapes?

Egyptian Essences used as well as purified water very small amounts have been used as less is more all our work is based on homeopathic principles with little to NO smell so you can add your favourite Pure essential oil.  

Agarwood /OUD from trees which are 400 years old  The entire nervous system calms down, gifting you a new sense of rejuvenation, it helps in calming you.

 The calming properties of agarwood essential oil help in soothing the nervous system; it is also an excellent relaxant boosts your mental health In Tibetan medicine Agarwood is used to treat emotional, nervous and psychological issues.

 Papyrus Essence helps to balance the mind and bring mental clarity and stillness to any situation used in Ancient Egyptian times as the divine father vibration or masculine vibration.

 Egyptian Goldenwater is a member of the mint family. Reduces feelings of nervous tension, soothes feelings of irritability, boosts energy, enhance mental focus.

 It is was in Ancient Egypt as the essence of oneness when used in conjunction with Blue Lotus and Papyrus.

 Red Musk Oil   SACRAL CHAKRA Lowers Stress & Anxiety has a calming effect on the body that encourages harmony and balance and helps to calm the mind.  Clears out blockages and helps with creativity. 

 Clove Oil is a natural preservative instead of alcohol as well as the added benefit of reducing stress and emotional and mental upsets.