Finding the PowerFULL You Published in Holistic Bliss Magazine September 2019

Peeling back the layers to the PowerFULL You is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your business.  
The spiritual industry has a reputation of smoke and mirrors, and for those in the industry to stay alive in business as we move into 2020, the veils of illusion must come down.
The future of the industry hinges on one-word AUTHENTICITY.
Now you might say how does this fit in with peeling back the layers to your PowerFULL Self
 Personal Power
Your PowerFULL Self is your true authentic self.
We often have light bulb moments in our life, and I had one three years ago when I was chatting with a friend over a glass of wine.  During this conversation, I told my wonderful friend I was considering giving up my business and getting a real job.
Why as I had lost all passion for my work, business and the industry as I had lost who Sandra was I had no idea.
You see I had believed to work in the spiritual industry you had to be a certain what and talk a certain way I had allowed myself to listen to others who told me that I was not feminine enough, soft enough to be doing the work I was doing.
The more I tried to be what others said I needed to be, or I believed I needed to be, the more I lost Sandra.
My self-worth was at an all-time low the little Sandra inside me had allowed what other people thought of me to become my reality. 
During the conversation and maybe another glass of wine, my girlfriend said to me Sandra why don’t you just be yourself in your clients and business just be you the authentic you the one who shows up as my friend. 
Hence the journey began what I realised was everyone is spiritual; it is physicality we have come here to master.  Our soul already knows how to be spiritual, yet it is the physical stuff which gets in the way.
I started to listen to many different gurus from around the world paid a lot of money in the process to find  Sandra.  They all used the fancy words and some I understood and others I had to look up yet they all had the same simple message which I have put into my own words “just let your shit go.
Letting shit Go
Once I mastered and understood it, I peeled the layers back to now stand in the truth of who I truly I am without the judgement of self or others.
This has enabled me to build my business on a global level and created my very own 8 keys to Unlocking your powerFULL Self online program.
The three most important steps are to take responsibility for what is happening in your life.
Mind your own business What other people think of me is none of my business.”
Step into your Power

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